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On super-markets, local markets, and empty car parks

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the wonderful market I went to as a kid is now an empty car park. In fact, I recently heard that this car park is now being converted into a Travel Lodge.

The wonders of modern life!

But who can be shocked that this has happened, now that we do all of our shopping in Tesco? In fact, the market share of the top four biggest supermarkets is now 75% of all grocery sales in the UK!

And if the powerful corporate supermarkets didn’t destroy our local markets before, their dominance of the online shopping industry has sealed their fate. The Covid-19 pandemic has rocketed their online sales into outer space.

Add to this worrying statistic the fact that back in May 2020, a survey by the National Market Traders Federation found that most small enterprises and local producers were not optimistic about the future. 70% of respondents reported that they expected a downturn in trade and 8-16% expected to go out of business.

This is the sad picture of life for our British markets. Like everything, the dominance of big corporate supermarkets has come with some serious trade-offs.

Our farmers, whose margins are mercilessly squeezed, are facing bankruptcy.

Our high streets and shopping centres all look like airports.

And our natural produce is without soul.

However, the dream of Mecommi is to change this situation for the better.

Fighting back against the monopoly of supermarkets in our lives is no easy task, believe me.

But we know that stopping them from squeezing farmers to extinction, and driving our market towns into a cultural oblivion, is something worth fighting for.

It is the way we used to do things. And it might just be where we can get back to.

As for the ‘digital revolution’, however, there is quite simply no going back. We cannot turn back the clock on the internet, on mobile apps, or on the free flow of information.

But there is one thing we can do. At Mecommi, we can stand up to the big supermarkets by lending a hand to our struggling British market stalls.

We’ve invented a platform to let customers buy their local produce direct from the market. Plus, it is all delivered emission-free to local residents.

We’re putting the ‘digital revolution’ on the side of our local markets.

What’s more, we’re delivering great value to our customers as well.

We want to keep our markets alive, even when we can’t physically shop there – especially during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The only question is this. Will you join us?

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