Ever wondered what makes us love our local market so much?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We understand that people love doing their shopping online. It saves time, it's convenient and… it's the 21st century.

But there are a few things that we thought were missing and can be improved - the connection to the local community – the artisan bakery or the freshly roasted coffee beans shop, and that sense of freshness when buying fruit and veg straight from the local market.

We also believe that the amount of waste and plastic that piles up after a single delivery is just too much.

These things led us to the understanding that there must be a better way!

We bring the local market to our customers, while minimising the environmental footprint.

It's time to move the local market into the online market

Today, shoppers are increasingly buying their physical goods online, while visiting the physical shopping locations for services such as hairdressers, nail-bars and cafes.

This trend has been accelerating in recent years. Habits have changed rapidly, as new technologies offer online alternatives to small and local businesses. The result is a huge decline in the traditional retail sector, as many small businesses simply do not have the resources to make the transition to online shopping. This is where mecommi gets into the picture and revolutionises the way people shop, by connecting brilliant businesses and local customers.

The rebirth of reusable packaging

The rebirth of reuse has been long coming. Companies have tried numerous schemes to enable consumers to use packaging over and over. Refill stores emerged in cities in Europe and North America, enabling consumers to bring their own container to buy bulk goods. But none of these has caught on beyond a tiny niche.

We understand that the ordinary consumer doesn't want to be inconvenienced, much as they may be seeking to avoid wasteful practices. Our approach seeks to overcome those obstacles.

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