10 reasons to buy from your local market

We love the market and its local people, fresh flavours and little packaging.

But for those who are still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you too should buy from your local market.

1. Freshest produce With seasonal, fresh variety, the local market community brings you the juiciest, healthiest and tastiest food from local suppliers to you and your loved ones.

2. Good for the environment

With a shorter supply chain from the farm to your table, the market provides a sustainable alternative to flying in carbon-chugging foreign foods. It also means less packaging and less wasteful plastics.

3. Great for the local economy When you buy local, it stays local. Your money helps local businesses to thrive, it's good for you, and for your neighbours too!

4. Personal touch When you shop from your local market, whether by foot or by delivery, you put a smile on someone's face.

5. The heart of the city The colours, sounds, and smells of the market are an integral part of the city's character. There is a reason why it's almost always located right at the centre.

6. Years of tradition With years of tradition of family-run businesses - sometimes even dating back to the nineteenth century! - there's really no place quite like the market.

7. Keeping the community together Where people meet for lunch or a casual coffee - the way people show they love their town – the market is where the community prospers. 8. Inspiring new businesses and startups Alongside years of tradition, the market provides opportunities for innovation. We at Mecommi, for example, aim to bring about social change through creativity at the market.

9. Uniqueness and originality The local market is where individuality

wins a lifetime of customer loyalty. It's just what happens when you choose to buy from hard-working people who followed their dream and love what they do for a living.

10. Choice and diversity Look no further, you won't find such a broad range of fresh, seasonal food. With plenty of diversity, the choice is virtually limitless in the vibrant market.

So next time you feel like exploring a new recipe, experimenting with new flavours, or putting a smile on someone's face, shop local. Head to the market.

And if you work until late, if you're busy with the kids, if the weather isn't great, or if life just happened and you can't visit the market, we got your back. We'll deliver the majesty of the market to your doorstep, making sure you stay connected to your local community, and doing it in the greenest possible way. You get your freshest produce, local businesses thrive, and the environment gets a chance to recover.

Everyone’s a winner!

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