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Peacock Pearls Cambridge

Peacock Pearls Cambridge was founded in 2007 within central Cambridge by two best friends, Susanna and Dominique. Having worked together on the Cambridge Market for just over 13 years as business partners, they focus on selling a range of freshwater pearls and dazzling gemstones - both in classic designs or unique designs.

Peacock Pearls Cambridge also create custom designs upon request. Whether it be a certain design that you have in mind or a specific type of pearl, they welcome any ideas and enquiries you may have. Their local brand is known for its high-quality pearls and gemstones, with a variety of beautiful designs that fit any budget.

Susanna is the designer, specialising in sourcing all the pearls and gemstones herself, ensuring that Peacock Pearls Cambridge obtains the best quality for their customers. Dominique is the seller, who helps customers find the right item of jewellery; whether it be for a special occasion or a personal gift. Annie is the marketer, who manages all their Social Media accounts and eCommerce websites. She also happens to be the daughter of Dominique!